Project Go Pink

Empowering Republican Women


what people are saying

“How can we solve some of America’s and the world’s toughest problems? Elect more women!
In my experiences I’ve seen that it’s the women that have a lot of the great ideas, they understand
how to get results, and they don’t worry about who gets the credit. ProjectGOPink is helping women
understand how they can get involved in politics so that they can serve their communities and their
country. As Republicans start to win more elections, Project GOPink will be credited for getting things
back on track.”
Former White House Press Secretary to President George W. Bush and Fox News contributor.

“When we elect more women to public office we change not only the debate but the tone
of the debate. Women know how to work together and put the common interest first.
That is why programs like this are so important.”
First Woman Governor of Massachusetts and First Governor in the US to give birth while in office (twin girls)

“The Republican Party has always prided itself on diversity but too often that is not reflected on
the ballots. It’s time that the women who are leading our Party have a greater role in leading our
nation. We need to work harder and smarter at electing women to political office and positioning
them to occupy the top rungs of leadership in their own communities. Enter ProjectGOPink…
an idea that I wish had been hatched years ago! But now that it’s here, we need an all-hands-on-deck
approach to get the word out, get recognition for our Party’s diversity and add to our ranks at the
highest levels of government.”
Republican Strategist and Former Assistant Secretary, U.S. Dept. of Education

“As our nation faces challenging times, women have an opportunity to rise and demonstrate
their ability to lead our nation back to prosperity.  Project GOPink’s initiatives to engage active
women and prepare them for their place in the political world will certainly lead the way to a
brighter future for all Americans.”
Republican National Committeewoman, Louisiana

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